Speaker Ciolacu booed during speech he delivered in the Union Square of Iasi

Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies and leader of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) Marcel Ciolacu was booed during the speech he delivered in the Union Square of Iasi, by the persons attending the celebration of the Romanian Principalities Union Day.

“I really love you,” Marcel Ciolacu said when catcalls and boos started to be heard from the crowd gathered in the Union Square of Iasi.

“164 years ago, Romanians, people and rulers, wrote the first paragraph of the history of the Romanian unitary national state, a history marked by many difficult moments, a history along which, every time, we proved that only united we can overcome any obstacles. Only together can we create a better future,” the speaker of the Chamber of Deputies stated.

The PSD leader brought to mind that 164 years ago, the strong cultural and economic closeness between the two principalities led to unity.

“Then, in 1859, unity did not mean only that the people be united. Unity was also between the leaders, strong personalities with their own visions and different convictions managed to unite in a common goal: the Union of Moldavia with Wallachia,” Marcel Ciolacu also said in his speech.

He mentioned that in those times, unity made the difference and brought progress to the country.

“When we were all united, people and leaders, we made Small Union. When we were united, we made Greater Romania. When we were united, we got rid of the dictatorship. All of us, together, united, we managed to feel trustworthy allies in order to defend the security of the country with the accession to NATO and the European Union. Unity is the solution. Together, let us enter the Schengen area. Together, let’s develop economically all regions of the country, together pursuing the same objectives. Together, let’s continue what we have done in the last year literally, not on paper: the union of all regions of the country through highways. Only together, with the same goal, we can continue to attract more European funds. Together we can also increase the Romanian economy. I urge you to put aside everything that divides us and, united, to pursue with determination our common goals, economic growth and raise the standard of living of Romanians,” Marcel Ciolacu said on the stage especially set up in the Union Square of Iasi for the celebration of the 164th anniversary of the Union of the Romanian Principalities. AGERPRES

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