Seven-kilometre traffic queue of lories at Nadlac II

Hundreds of lorries are waiting now to leave Romania through the main border crossing points in Arad County, with a long queue covering about seven kilometres on the pan-European highway before Nadlac II, told Agerpres.

Arad Border Police officers have told AGERPRES that a very large number of lorries came up at the border in a short time.

“There is a very large number of lorries at the checkpoints exiting the country in a very short time. At the largest crossing point, Nadlac II, checking is being performed on four lanes for heavy traffic, and the waiting time for formalities is approximately 180 minutes,” according to spokesman for the Arad Border Police Andrei Dinca.

At Nadlac II, the lorries are waiting on the emergency lane of the highway over seven kilometres.

At Varsand, three check lanes are open for heavy traffic, and drivers are waiting at least 120 minutes to clear the border into the Schengen Area.

At Nadlac I, the situation is better, because the wait is about 30 minutes, as an exit road has opened for lorries.

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