PM Ciuca: In great historical moments the unity of will must prevail

Prime Minister Nicolae Ciuca stated on Tuesday that the destiny of a country cannot be built through division, pointing out that, in the great historical moments the unity of will must prevail, told Agerpres.

“After multiple economic crises, after the years of pandemic and in the midst of the war started by Russia against the free world, we are at a crossroads. The entire world repositions itself according to values and interests. In such contexts we need vision, courage and above all determination in order to fulfill our national objectives. In order too succeed in our endeavor, we not only need the desire to make, but also the power to accomplish, and the power to fulfill our western destiny is based on balance, reason and social peace. One cannot build anything through hatred and unjustified criticism. One cannot build the destiny of a country through division. In the great historical moments, the unity of will must prevail, not the desire for division. Never in the modern history of Romania have we had stronger political and economic support from our Western partners,” Ciuca said at the events organized in the Union Square of Focsani, on the occasion of the Romanian Principalities Union Day.

He underscored that the large projects started – the removal of the Cooperation and Verification mechanism (CVM), the accession to the Schengen area and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), as well as the great reform and investments projects with funding through the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR) and through the national budget expresses Romania’s wish to rise to the level of the current historical context.

The prime minister also said that the well-being and security of the European Romanian nation, as well as the protection of the western democratic values in Romania represent the country project.

“This is the only great objective for which we must work constantly and tirelessly. We have a moral obligation both toward the Romanians and the great statesmen who, in their time, shaped the Romanian nation and the Romanian state. It is the reason why we pay tribute to our ancestors and acknowledge their deeds in the development of our country until today, and the greatest duty to them and to those who come after us is to make sure that their vision is strengthened through the development and modernization of our country that has found legitimate aspirations alongside Western democracies,” the prime minister showed.

The Executive head said that the Principalities Union and the abolition of the border in Focsani created the premises of the unitary Romanian national state, which would later be completed with the Greater Union of 1 December 1918.

“From here, from Focsani, the unionist movement started as early as March 1857. Also in Focsani, in December 1858, Mihail Kogalniceanu was elected in the Elective Assembly of Moldavia – our great statesman who influenced the Union of the Principalities through his work, the declaration of Romania’s state independence and the formation of the kingdom. (…) The union of the Romanian Principalities into a single state was not an accidental act, a favor of destiny, these deeds of the ancestors must be brought to mind and learned by all Romanians, they are examples of the political approaches of the forerunners and milestones of strengthening Romania’s modernization. If we want to succeed as a nation, we must learn from the founding fathers of the Romanian nation how to behave as one united people, around common values and objectives. Everything that modern Romania built good, was forged when the people and the political, economic and cultural elites acted together to achieve a major national objective,” Ciuca also said.

In his view, the Union of the Principalities was “a historical moment which opened the path of the emancipation and modernization of the Romanian state.” The prime minister mentioned that without a common national goal, the Romanian nation cannot progress and cannot achieve the potential it deserves.

“Romania is going now through a unique historical moment, it is a moment when we have the chance to finalize the great project of modern Romania to strengthen a European Romanian nation within a Western democracy. We can only do this if the Romanian state is efficient and respected, and efficiency and respect are gained when all the state institutions guarantee and promote, to the highest degree, the freedom of the individual, human dignity and economic and social well-being,” the prime minister also stated.

Also attending the events in Focsani are Speaker of the Deputies’ Chamber Marcel Ciolacu, National Defence Minister Angel Tilvar and Defence Staff Chief General Daniel Petrescu.

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