UDMR's Kelemen: If I were to decide alone, I would opt for snap elections, for stable majority

Deputy Prime Minister Kelemen Hunor, leader of the Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania (UDMR), said Tuesday evening on national broadcaster TVR Info that if he were to decide alone, he would opt for snap elections, because 2024 is a year of “stagnation” and a stable governing majority is needed.

“Why I would hold snap elections if it were up to me? 2024 is an election year. It happens very rarely that we have all the elections in one year – from May to November. That means, knowing what an election year means, that the central administration will first sit back, wait and see what happens,” Kelemen Hunor said.

According to him, “there will not be instability, but simply stagnation”.

“You have to have in such a year something very solid and very well established – the government and parliament. You can hold snap elections with this idea in mind – to have a stable Government, Parliament and a voted, legitimate majority in 2024, and not look back, and the administration works. You have to have three or four projects, we have, for which we don’t have to stop for a year, including the PNRR, including other important things, structural funds, Schengen and so on. You can’t waste a year. The other elections can’t be moved, the European Parliament elections are in May, all over Europe, in the week set by the [European] Commission and Parliament, then the local ones can’t be brought any closer, nor can they be pushed, just in certain situations, and the presidential election is out of the question. The parliamentary ones, yes. Parliamentary snap elections have not been held in 33 years, but in such a situation you have to have vision, you have to have flexibility, you have to be inventive and courageous. So this is what I would do it, but it’s not up to me,” said the UDMR leader.AGERPRES