Ciolos: Romania's access to Schengen to not happen automatically; proactive negotiation of Romanian authorities needed

REPER MEP Dacian Ciolos stated, on Tuesday, that the subject of Romania’s accession to Schengen will remain on the European agenda to be solved in favor of our country only with sustained effort from the Government, the president and the ministers with relevant responsibilities, adding that access would not happen automatically, but through proactive negotiation on the part of the authorities.

“If we sit and wait for others to solve our problem, I have bad news. It won’t happen or it will happen on other people’s terms, not ours. We have the interest to enter Schengen quickly, in the first half of this year, not when the Austrians would like or when it seems to others that it benefits them because they finish the elections or they feel that the pressure in their countries decreases. (…) We have the power to negotiate, Romania has arguments, but those who lead it today must know how to use them appropriately, as it was not happened at the end of last year”, Ciolos wrote on Facebook.

He recalled that he said this including in direct discussions with members of the Government and the Prime Minister, Agerpres informs.

Ciolos showed that the moment of negotiations is a “maturity test”.

“This moment of the negotiations is a maturity test for our ability to work structured and systematically on a common objective”, added the MEP.